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Custom Rifles

No Compromise


That's the only acceptable attitude when it's time to step up to a full-on custom rifle.


We take great pride in  carefully crafting the perfect rifle for each and every customer to match their individual expectations and intended use.


We are not a high volume manufacturer.  We have no menu of available models.


When a customer decides to have us build their rifle, we begin with a detailed conversation about what they want, how it should look, and what it will be expected to do.  Some of our clients know exactly which parts and specifications they want.  Others might not be so sure, but know they want the best.  That's OK!  We can provide direction and suggestions to help any level of shooter.


Every rifle we manufacture uses the best components in the industry, and is hand measured, hand fitted and hand assembled to exacting tolerances.


Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your build.  Even if you aren't ready to "pull the trigger" quite yet, we can help you plan your build and get on the right track!


We can provide rifles that have all the best machine work, that are scalable to upgrade components later for as little as $1,995.00.  This allows shooters who are on a budget to get the base rifle of their dreams and get out shooting, then add features on their own timeline.

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